Friday, June 26, 2009

Part 1

Im depressed, annoyed, and have a crush on a pimp. I call Rayan, and as usual..she complains.'Waii3 Jawanoo Khaywaleyy ! .. I Hate Him ! He Hurt Uu Wayed!' And Just Like always I say..'Ya3ney Lazem Asame7 !!.. ' And The conversation Goes on the same way. Hmm Maybe It would Be Better Law Adeg 3ala 9bay .. ? He Would Knoww What To doo for sure..! Okay Menu A3arf.. Aw menu I Trust;s.. Yemken Bader Ygdar He Helps.. Ya3ney I ALWAYS Help Them 9a7 ? Its Ringing.. Ambaiih Fashla Its Late At Nightt .. w ana Fathyaa Daga I Take Advice .. Bser3a Aseda! 2 minustes Later My Fone's Flashing..Bader Ga3d Ydeg !.. 'Aloo?' Comes His Voice Ili Ma7eba;oo.. Bas Madre Laiish Rayano0 Mayta 3ala 9outa:P! 'Ohh Hala Badour!, Shlounik?''Walla Bkhaiir Wentay ? Shfeech 3asa Ma Shar?''Ana Mu Zaina! Tathker Le7mar Ele getlek 3anaa!? MA DAGG !''Gelnalech 5aywalii.. Wetha madag latdgeen Mayestahlech'After This Sentence Words were a Blur. All I Could think about was Mayestahlech. We talked For a while, and then I went To sleep. Walah Inaa 5oush wa7ed I Thought to my self. 7esbat U5u=)
I wake up the next Morning, and Im unusually Happy. I get Dressed And Ask the driver To Drive me To Second Cup;My Friends are Traveling, and I thought I should drop By and Say Hii. I get in the car and call Bader.. 'Waii3 Madaag !'He laughs..'5aywali 5ala9..''Inzain esma3ni ana 5al a5ale9 aklmik ba3dain.. bas bghet agulek el news''Eee oki .. Yala Bye Jawoon'
Im at second cup.. and oh My God the weather 3ajeib. I wave at my friends and walk over to the table. We all order drinks.I order Redbull&&Rasberryy.. and he pops in my mind. Then i remember..'Mayestahlny'Wee talk and laugh, and that bastard doesnt even pop in my mind. I kiss my friends goodbye.. and head back to the car.
Uuuh ! My room <33 I throw off all my clothes, get into Pjs, and sign on to MSN. Rayan and Bader are on .. s usual. 'Bader' Says: Haa Sh9ar weyach !? 'Jawo0n' Says:Wala shay uhwa 7a8eer!'Bader' Says:Yala Ma3alih !.. Jawoon .. wraby mayestahlech.. 'Jawo0n' Says:FENY 7UUB ! 'Bader Says:Inzain Ba3arfech 3ala wa7ed.. wala 5oush wa7ed.. w yabeiich ! .. 5aywali hathak.. wraby mu shareich !'Jawo0n' says:Latgouli FAWAZ?! MABEEHH ! 'Bader Says:Wala 5ouushh wa7ed w basss t3arfay 3alaih ! .. FRENDS! . 'Jawo0n' Says:FRNDS!**Fawaz Has Been Added to the Conversation**Bader Says: Fawaaz.. Hathey Jawan 'Fawaz ' Says: Hala weln3eemm!! .....And The Talking Goes on.. Until He adds me.
Fawaz Would Like To Add You . Accept - Decline Invitation
Hmm.. I accept.

'Far From The End' Character List

Character List;; Jawan- Main Character.Narrator. Rayan- Jawans Close Friend; More like a sister. Is in love with Bader.Joury- Another Close Friend of Jawan, and Also is Like a sister. Lives In a Different Country.Bader- Rayan's Boyfriend. Fawaz- Baders Cousin.Nawaf- Fawaz's Close Friend. Yusif- A far friend of Jawan, and one of Fawaz's Friends.


Heyy Guys.. Hope You Like What You're Seeing<3.>

xxSally;;In Love-Always.

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